In present modern world, the requirement of living together in a community is a necessity, but living together with like minded people, people of same faith, enjoying the feeling of togetherness is something which led to the foundation of MILLAT HOMES. Specially designed to promote community Living, designed by award winning architects on principles of Islamic Architecture, MILLAT homes is a place for the Believers (MOMINOON). The space layout and site planning is such that promotes neighbor interaction and care for each other, highlighting one of the fundamental principles of social life as laid down in the holy QURAN. The parks and courtyards are designed to promote the enjoyment of social life. They not only keep the privacy of individual homes but also invite people to sit, meet, discuss and share concerns with each other and is designed in such a fashion that each and every house, each and every unit faces these parks and courtyards. That’s why we say “enjoy the joy of living together”, at Millat homes

Not only all the units are green facing but the most important feature, “The Centrally located Masjid”, is attractive and inviting in nature towards the prayers. The pleasant voice of azan will be heard thoughout the complex. The masjid itself is a visual treat and stands as a center point to all activities in the complex.